Our services and solutions are all related to better, cheaper, more effecient and creating higher quality. Since we have operated for 17 years, we have had exposure in a longe range of projects in a lot of different countries around the globe. We have had the pleasure of being "close-to" first mover on telecom innovation as well as energy innovation. Our outsping is from how to manage projects from a Danosh point of view, with clear deliverables and focus on creating valuebased deliverables. 

We help our customer scale their projects, and have succeeded to do so in each project we have been invovled in.


Manage PMO for offshore windpower production, and selection of vendors globally

Plan, and run, meshed telco network for SCADA engineering, security and critical communication in the gulf.

Plan, and deploy, +15 public safety critical mobile networks in EMEA/APAC

Suppliying ressources for +10 mobile operators

Supplying ressources for energy production, distribution and network repair.


Smart network design

Smart Build controlling the work/performance of subcontractors from a central location

Smart As-build/Network update

Digitalization of assets

Smart Asset Management