Sirius is a consulting company working with telecom and energy infrastructure project & ventures globally.

We work with all stakeholders in the chain, from goverments, operators, distributors and suppliers, where we primary work with ressource extensive challenges such as planning, engineering, deployment.

The company was founded in 2005, by industry executives Torben Baltzer and Katrine Gede.

They founded the company to create a setup to professionally bridge between planning of projects and execution of projects.

We have, through the last 17 years, been invovled in more than 50 large projects globally, where we have supplied more than 700 project based consultants.

Beyond offering consultants, we also take concrete projects, where we manage the PMO of projects whether is related to planning, deployment and turnaround.

We also offer a range of Engineering, design and Smart Asset Management services relevant for improving costs,  quality, time, ethics, energy consumption - and within agreed project costs.

Since the company was founded, we have been involved with numerous customers globally, in the sectors of commercial telecoms, public safety and energy production and distribution.

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