Contingent Workforce Solutions

Contingent Workforce Solutions
The use of contingent workers has increased significantly over the last decade, as an inevitable consequence of organizations’ need to quickly adapt to the dynamic market conditions. Companies need to be flexible and agile in order to remain competitive in todays global marketplace, and by taking a strategic approach to staffing they will be able to streamline the talent supply chain. It is here Contingent Workforce Solutions can be beneficial.

Sirius Business Group is a specialist supplier of contingent workforce solutions to the Telecom, IT, Energy and Transportation sector. Basically we provide highly skilled talents on a temporary basis so our customers only use the skills in the period they need them. By helping our customers’ organizations gain better access to skilled experts through the use of consultants, contractors or other temporary workers, we can help them in being flexible and agile and gain competitive advantage.

Benefits of Contingent workforce Solutions;

  • To cut costs – reduce costs of employment expenses e.g. taxes, insurance, HR costs, benefits.
  • To save time – eliminate time and resources spent on searching, advertising, screening, interviewing, administrating etc.
  • To be more flexible – have the ability to work agile and remain competitive.
  • To respond quickly to change – Scale up or down as needed.
  • Knowledge-driven expertise – Access highly skilled knowledge and expertise for specific knowledge-driven initiatives.