Corporate Social Responsibility

In Sirius Business Group A/S, our mission is to enhance and sustain social welfare globally. Therefore, we work hard to address UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, doing our part in creating a better and more sustainable future. Right now we are proud to state that we contribute to 12 out of UN's 17 SD goals through our profession and the way we do business.

By supporting our clients in bringing connectivity to underserved areas, we are enhancing GDP growth in these countries leading the fight against poverty. These actions also amend ITU’s concerns of Digital Divide within and between countries and help reduce inequalities around the world. Deploying new and improving existing networks around the world also makes it possible to benefit from technology and knowledge sharing. For instance, countries launching applications such as E-health and E-education adds significant enhancements to the health and education sector. We work to expedite this loop of positive consequences that comes from making new technology available.

Our work in the public sector on Public Safety and Smart Cities are contributing in building sustainable cities and communities. We support governments on Public Safety issues, where ICT and OT provide valuble solutions that assure the populations security and safety, ultimately saving lives. We are ahead of emerging industry trends that aspire from the digitalization and consulting on newest technology related to ICT and OT, we help our clients to benefit from these trends, leading innovation and infrastructure in the public and private sector.

Working on public sector projects, we also work closely together with governments and private stakeholders on establishing and creating strong partnerships and institutions that can lead the way to a more sustainable future. We support this action by bringing stakeholders together and creating strong consortium structures that assure sustainable operations after the project is completed. Whether it is a public or public-private partnership, a strong management is essential for the project and future projects success.

Taking action against climate change is important to us. In the past 13 years we have been supplying various specialists to the industry leaders in the renewable energy sector and we are determined to continue doing so in the future.