What we do

Our consultants in Sirius Business Group has a background in engineering and ICT and with vast experience in negotiating, planning and executing large projects, we offer advisory, management consulting and PMO services on ICT and OT. We are experts on subjects such as creating connectivity, security and safety, where we have a long successful track record of supporting public and private sector projects. This includes the development and planning of public and commercial ICT strategies and the deployment of the networks and systems it selves. It also includes the development and execution of Public Safety and new Safe City initiatives as well as private critical infrastructure protection. Our aim is to create critical advantages for our clients by assisting them in developing the right goals and strategy that result in successful execution of their projects.

Capitalizing on our broad network and many years of experience in executing and boarding the right talent to specilized projects, we also offer our clients the service of supplying specialist freelance consultants to big infrastructure projects in general. In this way our clients can proactively use external consultants as a part of their strategy for being flexible and competitive.

Our services cover the entire project life circle and the way we work is with an innovative and agile approach, where we proactively tailor solutions that match our client’s specific needs. Something, we see as necessary because our clients face very diverse challenges but also because the digitalization and fourth industrial revolution makes our services imperative in very diverse industries. Through our strategic and flexible services our clients can save time and money, respond quickly to change and minimize risks for the organization. This will enable the company to be competitive and ahead of the curve in the marketplace.